Your cadence starts when…

When you take that first step. That first move. Basically anything to get ‘the ball rolling-‘ only then that you get from point A to point B. Doing so effectively with the minimum effort is a different story though. This here is basically my baby step towards what I hopefully will turn out to be my beloved bread and butter. It still does take some motivation, mind you. What I’ll be sharing to you is just what came into my mind. Since I am new in this thing, I might as well start it spontaneously, without any particular thing in mind, you know, just to get the ball rolling. Eventually, I will be able to fine tune the contents that I will be sharing . So to start…

Around the year the Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space-April 24, 1990- a baby was also launched into this world. Not much of the space walk everyone wants though. And today, that baby just started his first blog. Pacifier anyone? Just in case this baby vents out frustration. It was in Awang, Cotabato City that this baby made his first bite, his first walk, and probably had his first crush. You know, puppy love. This baby also happen to have a seemingly annoying but attractive sister, who is two years older than him. I wonder what her face was when she saw that bundle of joy entered the house. Probably loosing the TV rights, I guess.


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